The CHERISH Survey Team will measure, map, study and sample the coast edge and inshore waters of Ireland and Wales with a range of both cutting edge and traditional techniques. This ‘tool-kit’ approach merges the disciplines of archaeology, remote sensing, geography, paleoecology, geomorphology, maritime survey, underwater archaeology and geosurveying to understand how climate change is affecting our shared coastlines.

CHERISH SURVEY APPROACHES link to Marine Survey link to link to Wreck Monitoring link to UAV/Drone Survey link to Terrestrial Laser Scanning link to Rapid Coastal Zone Assesment link to Terrestrial Survey link to Palaeoenvironmental link to OSL link to Aerial Survey link to Lidar link to Satelite Mapping link to Geophysical Survey

The pages below provide further detail on these techniques, if you have any further questions please contact the project team here