Hywel Griffiths

Hywel GriffithsGeographer (Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University)

Hywel Griffiths is a geographer with over a decade of experience of working in the Welsh landscape. His background is in quantifying the rates, processes and controls of geomorphological processes and reconstructing historical changes in the landscape (particularly river channel changes). He has developed wide-ranging research interests, including flood reconstruction from historical archival and geomorphological sources, human-environment interactions recorded in literature and historical ephemera and creative representations of landscape and geomorphology. Hywel has also worked in Ireland, Patagonia and South Africa and is a published poet. As part of CHERISH, Hywel will contribute to evaluating historical and contemporary geomorphological changes at remote coastal heritage sites, to exploring the documentary and sedimentary archives of environmental change, and to engaging coastal communities.