Gary Devlin

Gary Devlin, Discovery ProgrammeGeo-Surveyor (The Discovery Programme)

Gary is a geo-surveyor in the Discovery Programme and his role involves the 3 dimensional recording of all types of Ireland’s field monuments and built heritage. Gary has helped to implement a range of new surveying techniques including terrestrial laser scanning, object scanning, RTI, SFM and drone surveying.

Gary graduated from Bolton St DIT with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geomatics. Following this he worked in the area of GIS with NTL in Dublin. In 2007 Gary moved began working in archaeology where he worked as a surveyor for 2 years with Margaret Gowen and Company. Gary joined the Discovery Programme in 2009 and has worked across a broad range of Discovery Programme and EU funded projects since then.

Current research interest include:

  • Utilizing drone technologies for archaeological site recording
  • Monitoring change and deterioration of archaeological sites using precise surveying methods
  • Community recording of sites and monuments using structure from motion (SfM)
  • High resolution recording of objects using macro photography
  • Introducing HBIM (Historic Building Information Models) as a means to represent heritage buildings


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